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Why You need Us?

About Venkat

Why you need US ? (what we do for you ?)

Established in 2001.Mr. Venkat & friends have spent significant part of life in studying and working in Europe &USA.gained valuable insights into the education and employment systems of developed countries. We give you honest advise on your aspiration ! either it is good or bad for you ! considering your socio, economical, Financial back ground & Visa approval chances. we dont Blindly do what you want us to do, we scan Opportunities in your choice of country and advise you Without Selfishness.

We don't work like an consultant! hungry for your money,but we work for you with responsibly and Morales.

We are best in Hyderabad for Visa success . we proved this from the past 17 years. Continuously we update with Visa officers changing systems and guide you. Not the sweet talks.

Strength:-   Analytical and up to the date Global knowledge of Legal, Immigration, Employments & VISA procedures.

  • Symbiosis Law school, Pune
  • 5 years law program after 12th
  • Lincolnshire & Humberside University
  • Work experience from UK
  • Work experience from USA
Mr.Venkat’s Interviews published in News papers

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